What are some symptoms that are scitzo and you didn’t realize? Also is there any way to hide it better when you’re in public and aren’t sure if what you just saw really happened?


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  • Laylafrog


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  • Or


    Cognitive issues are a thing I didn’t know what because of schitzo. I can hold in certain behaviors in public but some stuff just ends up being impossible. I think the one thing that has helped it is the other stuff you do to work on it. Like, if I hallucinate something scary in public, I still see it, I’m still scared, but it’s incredibly helpful to be able to say “I am having a hallucination.” Also, the using other coping skills.

  • atami


    man, language issues are a symptom i wasnt expecting; but it hit me like a bus lol and in public (since i usually dont go outside without friends cus it's scary :')) i usually ignore things so that it doesnt linger on my mind and bother me by taking up mental energy not easy at first, but i stopped caring cus i was too tired xdd

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