Hello! Reaching out about one of my medications. Klonopin, I am prescribed this for anxiety taking 2 mg daily. It is causing some unwanted side effects, and I am aware that long term use of benzodiazepines is not really good for you. Any one have any luck with another medication for similar effect? Or any suggestions outside of med changes. I would love some advice.


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  • Ariss


    Personally I’ve tried lexepro, Prozac, Zoloft, and now klonopin for panic attacks. It’s hard. Medications all come w side effects and it can take awhile to find what works for you. You can get genetic testing to find what medication might be best for you but if you don’t want to do medication you can try vitamins to help balance yourself or exercise or even birth control cause sometimes hormones can make someone super unbalanced

  • AK11


    2 mg twice daily is a lot, I’m on .5 once a day for sleep. Have you tried buspar? It has way less side effects and it’s not a controlled substance, so it’s non addictive. I take it 3 times a day, it doesn’t make me tired just a nice sustained level. I also have seen effectiveness with Inositol, which I take for PCOS. It has benefits for anxiety too

  • TheBigSpook


    I’m prescribed klonopin for panic attacks so I only take it as needed. For my anxiety though I’ve been taking escitalopram for years (indicated for both depression and anxiety) and I’ve taken it’s sister drug Citalopram in the past. You might want to switch to a drug that isn’t a controlled substance since those have a risk of addiction and abuse when taken regularly or irresponsibly

  • Ribbit


    I only take it when I need it as a PRN so sometimes I take it a few times a week, sometimes every night, sometimes not at all for a week or so depending on my anxiety levels. I try to only take it when i REALLLy need it and cant calm down any other way. I have another med called pristiq that manages my depression and my anxiety that i take every morning. Xanax had less side effects for me and seems to have a longer lasting effect on keeping anxiety at bay but can be much more addictive in my experience. Ive never had a psych recommend taking klonopin on a regular multiple times a day basis though.

  • dadof4


    I take 4 MG a day for my anxiety it makes me feel like a zombie but it keeps the anxiety at bay

  • hoolia


    have you tried hydroxizine? i take .5 mg of klonopin daily and that keeps my anxiety and panic mostly at bay, but when things get worse hydroxizine is surprisingly effective. i laugh at it since many call it “glorified benadryl” but it seriously helps. you could try slowly tapering down your K to a dose that doesn’t give you side effects, and then add hydroxizine for added cushion. it just makes you a little drowsy.

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