I feel like my friend is triggering my eating disorder. I’ve been eating pretty normally since mid October and I wanted to keep it up this year because bulimia is a depressing and exhausting experience and I was feeling more comfortable with my body and decided I would eat better and exercise if I wanted to lose weight.

For the past 2 weeks I feel like I’ve been more bothered by how I look and was having thoughts to start restricting again but I’ve been ignoring them. However, yesterday my friend was like “I have to go back to restricting, I have to have more willpower to starve and be skinny again.” She likely has a history with eating disorders herself if she’s having those kind of thoughts but the way she was talking about it was as if it was just a quick weight loss tool.

I was concerned so I tried to explain the drawbacks like restricting not being a sustainable way to lose weight but I don’t think I convinced her at all. I know I’m the one who sat and listened to her talk about it so it’s partly on me, but now I really want to restrict and I feel like my relationship with food has severely worsened again and idk what to do.

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  • Lulu1


    Idk what to do either. I don’t even look skinny or like someone with an ED. Which makes it harder for anyone to sympathize.

  • meridian


    I would try to set boundaries and explain that you're trying to have healthy eating habits + healthy thoughts around eating. Starving to be skinny makes you think that you don't deserve nourishment. Gorgeous gorgeous girls need nutrition + sustenance!

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