I am trying to get back out in to the dating world because I am tired of struggling alone. but I don't want to have other people have to feel like they are carrying the weight of my depression. I am the type to self care without help because I hate bothering people with my problems. it took almost 6 years to finally going to therapy but it's hard for me to open up. it's hard to open up to people I know. how do y'all do it.?



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  • Roperry2377


    You are definitely brave for trying to find someone else to love while you are also trying to learn how to love yourself at the same time. Finding someone who will be understanding of you and your struggles enough that they won't get angry with you and criticize you for having them isn't easy (I know because I am trying to do the same thing myself). As for opening up to others, I don't know what to tell you, because I am battling against that too. 🫤

    • Marcaroni22


      it use to be easy to open up then my life just went down hill quick

  • KitKat1450


    Yes I find it really difficult to open up. Working thru a lot of codependency has helped and I just have to keep reminding myself I’m responsible for me and them for them and the point is to walk together not for one of us to carry the others burdens. Having really honest conversations about it and strong boundaries has helped too. I trust my friend to tell me if they can’t listen or handle something and they trust me to tell them the same now. Before a big vent we typically ask if the other has the space to listen or give advice and don’t take it personally if the other says no. But that took a lot of practice to get there and check in and reaffirm each other that it’s safe. Figure out what you feel safe with and in and build from there. Also a lot of times sharing helps connection too and makes the other feel safer to share.

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