i’m crying cause i feel so ugly and i feel like my boobs aren’t good enough and that i’m not pretty enough i have a bf who tells me how pretty i am all day every day but i can’t believe it and im just subbing wishing i was someone else

Body dysmorphic disorder

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  • avswe


    i understand :( especially the boob thing… it’s such a horrible horrible feeling. your body will never be a problem. you’re worthy of getting help for this. do you have supports?

  • wildhoney


    i’ve been there. i know it hurts. even though this doesn’t fix it, i relate immensely to the boob thing and here’s a little thing that helps me with perspective: i’ve spent my entire life hating myself for the way my chest looks and wishing mine were like my best friend’s. ive convinced myself that i’d be happy if i could just look like that, but she hates hers too and wishes she had mine. dysmorphia doesn’t discriminate. whatever you’re despising yourself for right now, i guarantee you there’s someone else out there hating themself for not having what you do.

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