hey my name is Alex and I have schizophrenia. but that doesn't mean that I'm crazy it just means that I perceive reality differently than others. I realize that it's me who interprets reality with what I already know. medicine helps with the symptoms. I can function like a normal person I just have to stay on my medicine and go to therapy. hope this helps.


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  • EJ18


    This does help. I have schizoaffective disorder and I'm on meds. I'm going to college soon. It's encouraging to hear of people doing well and managing their issues.

  • NickF


    I have been accepting of and treating schizo-affective disorder for well over a decade now. I think the most important thing to have outside of a good doctor and therapist is a network of people who may not understand your disorder(s) but support and encourage you regardless. There is a lot to be said for being able to reach out to someone no matter the hour of day.

  • Ariel73


    Hey Alex, I was told I had a very good likelihood of completing college with the right support network. I believe that the quality of your mindset behind your disorder can cause you to rise up above the negative stereotype of crazy. This has always been my goal.

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