idk what to do, my legs looked much bigger today (but not in every mirror, of course, like how bdd has always been). it's distressing me so badly, i didn't realize i was so scared of weight gain before . i'm trying to recover from an ed too and be able to eat normally again and it's just pushing me back further, i feel like i don't want to eat dinner tonight. bdd and eds are really best friends ig. i was already so stressed about ed recovery and now my bdd decides to be triggered oh my god

Body dysmorphic disorder

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  • benjamin0000


    eds are so fun lol /sarcastic it wants me to starve myself but i like food so then it makes me feel like shit every morning about what i ate and then i want to eat less but i have enough common sense that i don't want to die so i'm just conflicted and trying to eat regularly but then i'm fucking crying over my legs over a possible sign of weight gain????????? cant fucking win

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