when I tell people I have insomnia they just tell me to stay off my phone at night or take sleeping pills. What they don’t know is how long i stare at my ceiling or walls trying to get comfortable and fall asleep. I constantly find myself awake at times like this (3:20am) trying to sleep. If I do fall asleep at a somewhat reasonable time I end up waking up atleast twice. They make me feel invalid about my condition and sometimes it makes me question if i should really be diagnosed. My symptoms are not as frequent as most people with insomnia and I think maybe i don’t need to be diagnosed. What can i do??

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  • Femboyxfae


    Try not to let other people make you feel like your symptoms are not enough to be serious. I also don’t have severe symptoms but that doesn’t make the symptoms I do have any easier to deal with. Your struggle with this is valid despite what people have made you feel.

  • Faye69


    I also have insomnia on the less severe side. It is not any less real or valid than someone that has severe symptoms. Everyone's body is different therefore your symptoms are going to be different.

  • Aurora137


    I also have insomnia. It's a real pain. I know what u mean about laying there and waiting and waiting to fall asleep. I have been taking Trazadone its non addictive. However I been on it so long its not working like it use to. Someone told me about ZSleep. I looked it up. It sounds awesome im just not sure yet. The nights are very long!

  • Cleanfreak


    I was told by my therapist if I don’t fall asleep in 20-30 min to get up and go to another room and do something relaxing like read, etc until you get sleepy. Otherwise you associate your bed as a negative place because you get frustrated laying there for hours. So then your brain will associate your bed with sleep, not with frustration. Also going to bed and getting up should be the same daily, even on weekends or no work/school days. On the weekends you can add a half hour sleep in and go to bed time.

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