hello, I'm ash. I've been using Zoloft products and they do nothing for me? told my docter switching soon but why so long to switch?




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  • shinyfrog


    i’m not sure your whole situation but i’ve been told by my doctors that SSRIs (the type of antidepressant sertraline/zoloft is) are very strong and have to be tapered off slowly for safety. also it usually takes 6-8 weeks to see what they call “clinical” effects of these meds…basically the mood effects. for my SSRI the first one i tried worked for me but it took 8 weeks for it to have an effect on my mood. before, like only a couple days in, it made me sleep through the whole night and feel hungry for the first time in years, but nothing for my depression. i was really scared i was just taking it for nothing and it wasn’t going to work. but in the end it did and has worked for years. may not be the same for you but this may be a reason why your doctors are taking a while, because they might want to wait and see if the mood effects will happen after a while. hope this helps :)

  • Apricat


    I chose to abruptly stop taking my Prozac about a month ago, after being on it for over a year, and I spent a week having severe stomach pains, dizziness and vertigo, heightened anxiety, hot flashes. Still dealing with the vertigo. Withdrawals from anything aren't fun haha It could also be because some antidepressants take several months to fully take effect.

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