Tried to take a nap since I didn't sleep well last night. My chest pains and panic feeling crept back in again. Trying to stay calm. I'm taking some random supplement/ vitamin for anxiety as I haven't seen my doc in a while and don't have appt till 29th. Any suggestions on how to not let this get the best of me?

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  • Mo93


    I find it easier to sleep after a really hot shower and feeling relaxed. Also I try to watch a comfort show (if tv is a thing that helps for you). I put an old one on cause then I won’t care if I fall asleep and to keep my mind occupied.

  • Toph


    When I was at my worst I went on daily walks. I mostly just cried on the walks at first but I needed it I guess. After a bit I found myself not wanting the walks to end. It was the only time I felt normal during those rough moments. It was definitely good for my mind, thoughts, and physical health. Keeping active ( I'm not good at it and am still practicing) helps my chest and shoulder pain as well. I'm not sure if you enjoy podcasts but The Huberman Lab podcast has been super helpful to me. It was perfect for the walks and is helping me better understand tools for how I work and what to do about that. Wishing you the best truly, my inbox is always open ❤️

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