hey everyone, so I've not had a period in over a year. I was diagnosed with PCOS just a few months ago. Is it normal to not have your period at all with PCOS ? Should I be asking my Dr for medication other than birth control?


Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)


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  • tummyhurt


    I've noticed my periods were so irregular with PCOS and birth control. I ran out of mine a couple days ago and I think i'm going to get off them for good. I would consult an OBGYN but I understand it doesn't always help. But I'd stress you haven't had one in a year. They may tell you to "wait and watch" but your concern is valid!

  • AshleyMcKinnie


    Thank you

  • PinkPupButt


    I haven't had a period in years now cause of my PCOS, it is normal to a certain degree but definitely bring it up with a doctor you trust

  • Elyndria


    Yes! Not having periods with PCOS is one of the most noticeable symptoms. I’ve had PCOS for 8 years now. In fact, not having a period for over a year is how I got diagnosed. I’m now regular as a result of using birth control. Metformin is also an option as well. Best thing to do would be to consult your doctor. Best of luck!

  • AshleyMcKinnie


    Thank y'all

  • GothicMoth


    I didn't have my period for 6 months before being diagnosed. It turned I had PCOS and I go on birth control but I've been having regular periods since then.

  • lily234


    Birth control regulates periods and decreases uterine lining build up that happens when you're not getting a period (uterine lining build up can lead to endometrial cancer). Also spironolactone helps lower androgen levels which can help with other aspects of PCOS

  • edcura


    I would ask about ovulation and things that help ovulation so that you can have a natural period bc birth control doesnt give real periods

  • happydesert


    I am taking ovasitiol and that helped me restore natural ovulation. It’s a natural supplement but it helps with ovulation a lot. I can’t get them to be as regular or short as what would be considered normal but I am getting 40 day cycles now

  • RachelGreen


    I have a similar situation, regulated periods while on BC but MIA after coming off. Since stopping my BC, I had my period consecutively for 3 months and then bam! It’s gone! I personally do not want to “mask” the issue by getting back on BC. Currently trying to figure out my body after 15+ yrs of being on BC. I could barely tolerate Metformin, doc lowered dose to 1x a day. So far, ok. Curious about Ovasitol. Anyone try it? Good luck! 💕

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