What mobility device is best for when you have knee, back, shoulder, wrist, ankle and neck joint pain/issues? I’m in constant pain and need help but I don’t know about a wheelchair. I can still get around but after a while I’m in a lot of pain and super fatigued.

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  • Denks


    Usually when I’m at that point I just use a chair. It’s worth it, if you’re thinking about needing a chair you need one.

  • Quari


    Two of the disability advocates I follow both have rollators. They seem incredibly useful and I've seen many a young people use then at community events! If you're hesitant to use a wheelchair because you don't think your symptoms are severe enough, I recommend following a disability advocate. You wanting to be comfortable is enough of a reason to use a mobility aid ❤️

  • NerdyNothings


    I also am in constant pain that limits me and causes me to lose energy fast. I've found a few different things to try but I'd love to learn more of what helps together with you! Stay strong, you've got this!

  • Ink789


    Theres a device called Tens Unit Machine, it works okay for mine. I use Thc for pain for the most part but its definitely worth talking to a doctor about the Tens Unit Machine

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