Anyone have any success with treating ADHD by micro-dosing psychedelics as medicinal treatment?

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  • MoonFairy


    Nope. LSD helped helped me with not being suicidal (but not in a micro dose). I’ve only every micro-dosed on Shrooms, but never to do anything but enjoy nature, so no I didn’t notice any difference in focus. But I don’t recommend taking psychedelics regularly, even in micro-doses. You’re tolerance will increase so quick, and it’ll prob have long term effects on your brain function bc of the constant over stimulation. But maybe someday they will be able to modify them to make them beneficial to adhd without the adverse effects. Psychedelics are so magical and enlightening, but by taking them casually/regularly, it would just be way too much for the brain to handle

  • ToastyToast


    CBD gummies help for me. I just haven't been able to get them lately.

    • anarchypixie


      How does CBD gummies help you? Also how many mg do you take per day? :)

      • ToastyToast


        They just help me focus. I don't know how else to describe it. 😅 I don't know how many mg is in each gummy, but I was taking two gummies in the morning.

  • aL_ee_Eff2430


    Medical marijuana has specific strains to target ADHD. It’s all about the terpenes!

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