Question for my ADHD pals, anyone else went through a really tough time in school?
backstory is im now in my 30s, and looking back to my primary school to highschool days... the mixture of having a narcissistic parent/ a chaotic home-life, teachers who were continuously frustrated with my lack of attention and inability to retain information and get homework done, and even being bullied for being quirky and different by classmates... we'll im just wondering if im alone in this. it was all too much for me to finish up my education. Math being my problem subject. Sometimes i'd like to go back and finish or get my GED. but im so intimidated that i can't learn something that litarally hurts my brain and brings me back to feeling like a complete failure all over again. it may even be a c-ptsd trigger going back to school. my working-memory has trouble with numbers in general. i feel so stupid when i see others going to college that can juggle 4 classes at once and i can barely manage 1-2. if we learn differently, please tell me how. i want to find the will and strength to succeed. :(

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