I want to take a different depression medication because I have been on Prozac my whole teenage life and it's kept me stable but I'm still not where I want to be. My current psychiatrist is very dismissve and doesn't listen to what I want. Is there any other way to go about getting medication changes?


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  • Lizabeth


    coming from someone who was in a similar situation with the dismissal from a psychiatrist, you kind of have to take manors into your own hands. Talking with other psychiatrist finding the right one for you is the best solution. But medication can’t do all the work for you so you have to be willing to be self aware and help yourself get to where you want to be once you do find the right medication.

  • Ribbit


    I got genesight tested. Theres similar tests coming out now like it. If youve been on a med long enough or several meds and they didnt help you can try that. I recommend a new psych though. I also saw an add for this thing i think its called rexalti or something thats added to antidepressants? Therapy is always something that should be added to meds as well. Theres mood boosting supplements you could probably look into too if youre not getting the right nutrients from your daily food intake.

  • Sapphicspice


    Prozac made me want to unalive myself and I had to go to the mental hospital. 98% of people I’ve met that struggle with mental heath have had a TERRIBLE reaction to Prozac. If your doctor doesn’t respect your opinion find another doctor. Sending love 💗

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