is there anything you've found that helps you get to sleep? my melatonin isn't helping anymore and i don't know if i want to try 20 mg 😖 and my next psychiatrist appointment is over a week away


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  • mustang


    I'm not sleeping either. I'd wait to talk to pyschiatrist. Melaton doesnt have great long term side effects

  • Musickel


    I’ve had sleeping problems and full insomnia for five years, but what I found, and each person is different, is balancing my blood sugar throughout the day. You may not even know that you have a problem with it. It would be good for you to check your blood sugar two hours after eating a normal meal with carbs. Dr. after Dr. after Dr. missed this one. The other thing is it’s kind of like a hypoglycemia type thing where this is why you have to keep it stable and I suggest fruit because fruit does not hurt your blood sugar it helps keep it stable. If you’re eating whatever you want in your Western medicine doctor never mentions anything about your diet, in my humble opinion that’s not a doctor that’s helping you. I’ve had to learn a lot of things the hard way because I could never find even a natural Doctor Who was so experienced with hypothyroidism and all the things that come with it. It affects your adrenals it affects your sleep it affects your digestion, it affects your blood pressure and your cholesterol!!! Are used to take a handful of sleeping supps probably enough to put a horse out, but I’m so glad I’m not living on those anymore and if I eat a little something every two hours and that does mean a piece of fruit, I do so much better and if I eat some fruit before bed as well, and I believe this Hass to do with the liver not being able to store glycogen, that is the sugar that your body needs to be able to sleep. I’m not sure if everyone has this problem but I know I do. I’ve taken liver supplements done liver cleanses etc. I would really love to find a Doctor Who is so experienced with us and knows all about it so that I can heal mine!!!

  • xLadyKarma94


    I was on Quepiatine 200mg for the insomnia as melatonin gives me really bad nightmares and works for a short amount of time before it stops working and I'll be waking up between 4-5 am.I do read before I go to sleep as it does help relax me enough to go to sleep on top of the Lamotrigine,Vimpat and Abilify.You can also meditate,etc...Hope that helps!

  • sarah03


    I’ve read into a method the army uses to sleep in minutes. I don’t focus on breathing at all because it causes effort to me. I try to relax my body and and relax my shoulders arms laying up by my sides picking on finger up and down then I think of my waist. My theighs, my knees, shins, ankles feet. I wiggle each toe one by one. I close my eyes and think the word black I continue to say the word black. To focus on my eyes being closed and just seeing black. When I have thoughts run thru my head I think I’ll deal with this in the morning. As much anxiety as I’ll have tomorrow I’m lucky to have this moment to close my eyes and say the word black. nothing matters now that I’m in my bed. That my eyes are closed. Because that in itself is a breathe for my mind. In this moment nothing matters. It’ll matter in the morning and it’ll suck. But right now I’m lucky because it’s black. I have no control over my fears or situation or duties but right now my job is to remember my job is to think black and it’s scary. to let go of the fear and anxiety. But remember in this moment ur job and task is to sleep. nothing can change. but tomorrow it may be hard. be ok that whatever is going on could suck and it could be hard but right now the job is to sleep. not sure if this helps or made sense.

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