Hi! First time poster.. I have a problem with being scared to wake up in the morning. I’m always feeling my worst in the mornings and it will last anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours. I automatically wake up and feel like I’m having an adrenaline dump, cold sweats, dry heaves and diarrhea.. please tell me I am not alone! My Neurologist says it’s the damage to my Vagus nerve that sets my body off to be crazy.

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  • QueenofHearts


    I feel the worse in the morning as well. I haven’t figured out how to fix it medically yet, but I have learned how to manage it. I take my medicine while I’m still in bed and give it some time to work before getting up. I also have snacks beside my bed so I can wake up and look forward to something while I wake up. It helps psychologically so we can retrain our brain to be happier when we wake up.

  • DysUnicorn


    Spastic colon wakes me everyday at like 4 am, sometimes earlier

  • GypsyRae


    Queen of hearts I do the same exact thing everyday. I wake up and take my meds and use the restroom and then I get back in bed until I wake up and start feeling somewhat human. Snacks by the bed are also a go to!!! Lol. Thanks for replying 💕

  • Sansan


    Omg! Me too!!! For about 6 months I wake up all gloom & doom!! Hot flashes & feeling sad!

  • eternalgemini


    It almost seems like you have a serious anxiety disorder about mornings! Like what the day will be entailing. I'm so sorry you're going through this.

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