Any coping skills that you recommend?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • EmmaB


    Meditation and mindfulness- it’s the ability to be present and aware. It helps me in many life aspects, and in overall well-being

  • Lulu10


    I try to focus on my breath.. mindfulness has taught me that. I recommend you to practice mindfulness it has changed my life🙏🏼 whenever I feel I’m starting to lose control I’m going to a place I love which calm me down and listening to a mindfulness session

  • Lora


    I like practicing yoga when im not in pain. This practice makes me feel good physically and mentally at the same time!

  • Sierra


    Look up DBT distress tolerance worksheets and workbooks ! Lots of them are free, esp on pinterest and stuff. It’s a type of therapy that helps with overwhelming emotions if you don’t have a therapist. It’s all about coping skills and emotional management. It is mostly for trauma or other disorders but can help with anxiety a lott

  • maple


    Dbt is such a powerful tool. Personally I like the app rootd for panic, but it really depends on what works for you.

  • ladybug89


    Get some fresh air

  • Eastcoaster


    Drink water. Get a small fidget toy. Get some mindless games on your phone. Make a list of things that done make you anxious at all and do some activities that include that. Like for me simple math. It’s a problem that is there that I can easily solve and it’s done.

  • Ellen


    Breathing techniques- especially diaphragmatic breathing! Whenever I feel overwhelmed i take a deep breath in- feel my belly expanding, and then I breath out for as long as I can.

  • Geek4life


    Listening to music, lighting some candles, and drawing helps me a lot!

  • LilEllie


    Coloring helps me sometimes

  • Kitten


    Coloring, fidget toys, relaxing games on my phone, music and dancing. Otherwise I start playing a color game. Like find a purple item in the store, go through the rainbow increasing the number of items for every color and then add colors like pink, white, brown and black if anxiety is still high after the rainbow.

  • servicedogmom


    I listen to music and journal. But I also play the color game like find all the green items in the room. I also play the 54321 game which is breathing while you find 5 things I can see 4 things I can touch 3 things I can hear 2 things I can smell and 1 thing I can taste. The two games I play are also grounding exercises with are particularly useful in anxiety and distrustful situations.

  • lovingluna


    I love DBT and ACT! you can find books of their worksheets. make sure to get the worksheet books that are technically for therapists though

  • Rainfallen


    I use art but I also carry around a stone for my to rub with my thumb if I get anxious or I wear a ring that I can twist on my finger

  • SleepyNanny


    sour candy as you feel an anxiety attack coming on

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