I'm really scared. I have a huge fear of throwing up. like phobia level scared. I am doing vestibular testing soon and am nervous about getting dizzy and nauseated during the tests. does anyone have any experiences with the vestibular testing? please be gentle.

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  • Campbell


    I am a vestibular physical therapist assistant, depending on the testing and your condition it can make you nauseated. Sometimes our patients would be prescribed Meclazene (or something like that) which would keep the nausea feeling at bay. We would advise patients to take this ahead of time. We did bedside testing and Epley Maneuvers. I would rather have a migraine or a root canal than throw up, so I totally get you.

  • eggoweggo


    Hi, I also have emetophobia pretty bad I was scared when I went to this dizzy specialist who diagnosed me with vestibular migraines. He mainly just did some sharp turns of my head for me, I wasn’t expecting it so I did get really dizzy. so I’m not sure what kind of manuevers they will have you do, but I would just tell them that you get nauseated really easily so if they can let you know before each test they’re doing what they are going to do and also if you can take breaks in between to help settle your dizziness. Like the person before me said, you can take some meclizine before hand to help with the dizziness and nausea. You can find it at any pharmacy, the name brand is called dramamine. Make sure you take it at least an hour before going because it takes an hour to kick in to your system. You will be okay! Just remind yourself that being anxious about it will make you feel worse so being anxious does nothing to help you. Of course, easier said than done but it helps me when I’m super anxious

  • doesajiwoo


    I just had vestibular testing last week and I didn’t really get dizzy or nauseous at all. It did help that I wasn’t experiencing any migraine symptoms the day that I went though. Afterwards however I was really out of it, like I had just woken up from a long nap

  • Macks


    I dealt with exactly this: severe emetophobia and being terrified of what would happened when I got a VNG done last year. I definitely worked myself up about it, which made things a lot harder. The test wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone made it sound like it’d be; it wasn’t fun, but the doctor and my mom’s friend (who’s a nurse) made it sound like I was going into a torture chamber, and it wasn’t. It was like an hour of tests that made me not feel great — dizzy, nauseous, but JUST nauseous — and then it was over. I wouldn’t eat anything solid for a few hours before, so that your stomach is empty, but at least in my experience it wasn’t the medieval horror it was made out to be.

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