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2y ago

27 Personalities and Nobody Believes Me

I haven’t been diagnosed yet but I have 27 different personalities and nobody believes me what should I do

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2y ago

We suggest tracking your alters and such! You can do this by external communication (noting it down on a paper or device or recording alters talking to each other) and/or we like the app SimplyPlural. The best you can do is attempt to explain to others and if you think best, seek for a medical diagnosis and treatment.


2y ago

it's honestly especially difficult to explain you have DID to anyone who doesn't have it themselves (or are at least an informed singlet), but just find people who do understand & believe you. a small circle of similar people online, instagram has a lot of system accts & info on the subject. id start there bc that's how i found friends & learned further. you're valid & we'll accept you here 💜

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