does anyone have the fear of blood? I freak out over the simplest paper cut. even though I know that a small cuts are not a big deal, I still freak out. what should I do to help? any advice?

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  • Schpamp


    You could potentially watch people give blood? I'm not a fan of blood myself. Do you like cookies? You get a free cookie if you do it. I don't want to give blood myself cause I don't want to pass out but getting over a fear of blood maybe try watching some pimple popping videos that have some blood. Just expose yourself slowly but surely and it'll better.

    • mnmerritt02


      I've watched plenty of movies that have blood in it. I'm cool with that, but ig I'm not all calm and collected when I accidentally nick myself/get my blood drawn. Last time I got my blood drawn, i blacked out for a few seconds....

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