Any thing that I can do without medication?
Any medicine that has no side effects?

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

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  • TurtleRose


    Usually when my RL is acting up I end up walking, with help, around the inside of my house. Sometimes getting my legs rubbed down helps 🙂

  • happyfacee


    I like to make my body uncomfortable, I know it might sound really stupid but for me it really helps

  • TurtleRose


    I have tried that and sometimes it helps

  • Tree2me


    Thanks, I have a feeling it's related to mind not at ease that is not allowing it to be that way and the leg is acting up as a curtain and excuse many times. Many times a small thing will bring it on I have Anxiety fear from this syndrome

  • Bossy


    Must try the rubbing my legs. I do do a lot of walking back and forth and going up and downs the stairs.

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