i’ve been having the hardest time coping with my randomass depressive episodes. they hit so hard and i never seem to be ready for them. i try to reach out for help but i have this irking feeling that everyone is fed up hearing abt the same shit. tonight i’ve been really spiraling and couldn’t get myself to go home until 2am. i needed a hug so badly. i parked near my bfs and called him and said i really needed a hug and he picked up, asked me why i was crying, told me to drive safe, and went to bed. i know that it was selfish of me to wake him but it really hurt. im sorry im just rambling i really need some advice or something. how do you cope with sudden bouts of overwhelming depression?


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  • haileh


    i think finding a way to calm yourself down is better than relying on someone else. do something really fun and distracting. that’s what i do when i have nothing else. you can also smoke weed unless you don’t like that. 🤷🏻‍♀️♥️

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