I tried to go to the grocery store today and ended up having a panic attack in the parking lot. Any ways to prevent this?

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  • glitterfreak


    Try grounding yourself if you can. Observe smells, what do you see, can you taste anything, do you hear anything Good for you for going to the grocery store tho! I avoid them

  • peachtea


    Try using instacart or any other home delivery services they have a no contact delivery option as well.

  • Munster_mortis


    I use instacart ALOT or Walmart delivery. Some times even getting into the car is to much for me. I havnt driven in a few years since a car accident so I try to avoid being in one most times. But those services are nice when your having a rough day!

  • faxmachine


    i completely agree with the others! if it is causing you panic attacks, it’s not worth doing right now ❤️ doing something like walmart delivery saves me so much stress from going to the store!

  • Dynia


    When I have no choice but to go grocery shopping, I try talking to someone on the phone while shopping or put in headphones and listen to music.

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