I was just wondering what people's experience was taking Reglan. I was just prescribed it today and I'm kinda nervous because the side effects are things I already have and I'm worried about them getting worse

Nausea and Vomiting


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  • Sassyfrassy


    Makes me sleepy! Take it at night!

  • greybunny


    Hey! I’ve had reglan for a few weeks now on and off for nausea and haven’t noticed any side effects. I actually just took some about half an hour ago :) Everyone is different but just know that a lot of the side effects you see may or may not happen, and if they do, they will likely be mild. I only got side effects from it when they pushed it in me via an IV (in the ER) too quickly, but even then, it’s was just anxiousness and restlessness. You got this! Like SassyFrassy said, if you’re nervous, take it & then take a nap if you’re able to!

  • chroniclamb


    expect to be groggy & a little bit slower with thinking. don’t take this before driving

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