How can I feel better with Neurocardiogenic Syncope?

Recurrent Syncope

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  • Bri4937


    Hey there! I have NCS as well. Obviously there’s no cure:( but I have little tips that help for me (keep in mind my triggers are mainly anxiety and sitting/standing still) Compression socks (thigh high) and compression sleeves Chewing gum during a trigger Increased salt and water intake Beta blockers and SSRI’s Vagus nerve exercises/polyvagal therapy Leg muscle tensing during episodes/triggers Supportive family member, SO, friend, or service dog

    • jellypeanut


      I’ve never heard of vagus nerve exercises/polyvagal therapy. Does this help when you feel a syncope episode starting? Mine is brought on excessive heat, under-eating, and injury.

      • Bri4937


        exercises to help with vagus nerve stimulation+tone include gargling water, humming/singing, and deep breathing. I sometimes do the humming or deep breathing during an episode but the issue with that is stimulating the vagus nerve is what kicks your parasympathetic nervous system in which can sometimes be OVERactive in vasovagal syncope, hence why your HR or BP lower. Doing those exercises consistently during the day is likely your best bet.

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