I am having some difficulty. last year my husband went to work overseas and I went to stay with my mom in that time so that I wouldn't be alone... about 2 months after he left everything went to hell... my mom almost died and was in hospital for the remainder of the time and I was alone struggling with covid and severe depression (no meds) and almost committed suicide on multiple occasions... I feel that I sustained some sort of damage in that time (mentally) and I'm scared I will never be able to heal in that sense... there is A LOT more to this story but I don't want to bombard anyone with it.


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  • HeatherCE


    I'm so sorry you had to go thru all that. Depression is a horrible thing. I've suffered from depression since 2013. I think it's been longer than that but I was diagnosed in 2013. I've also almost committed suicide twice in the past year. I was hospitalized twice for that and depression. Everything changed when I got correctly diagnosed and was given the right meds. If you're looking for advice, go to a mental health doctor and get your diagnosis and get on meds. Depression can be a dark hole that you think you can't get out of...but you can. Help is out therešŸ’—

    • ScarletRayne


      I'm with my husband in the US now for his work (because of everything that happened)... but the cost of psychiatric meds here is through the roof... he is working on a farm so not a lot of money and doctors are so expensive... money wise I cannot get help...

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