what helps you sleep at night? I often see things in the dark or am faced with disturbing thoughts and imagery when trying to sleep. frequent nightmares make it harder, and I find myself jolting awake often. I've been told I shake and whimper when I sleep. often I can't seem to sleep at all without another person to cuddle or at least music in the background, if not both.



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  • Lemondrops


    I use a lot sound app that you can listen to animals or water or household appliances to sleep to

  • ChloesBread


    I take benadryl and if that doesn't work I put something really borning on the TV to make me fall asleep to if that doesn't work then I'll open a book and read it usually makes me sleepy

  • 1koga1


    I always have to sleep with a TV on, sometimes I put like YouTube on my phone too lol. I also take Benadryl, CBD and edibles(if you can/are willing to take stuff like that) really helps me sleep as long as I'm not too anxious. Having someone to cuddle with does help me a lot but I barely can have that happen, but my dog and cat personally sleep on my bed and love to cuddle lol.

  • Quari


    On bad nights I use comfort music to prime myself for a minimal nightmare sleep. Also, having a pillow fortress and blanket walls that limit my sight upon awakening really help with making me feel secure 💕

  • TheCrowMuse


    Nightlights are critical for me since I can't sleep in full darkness in fear of waking up and not knowing where I am/waking up with sleep paralysis & hallucinations. I also like Sleep With Me podcast with Scooter since he has a very distinct speaking voice (easily recognizable to my foggy brain) and is very boring (by design, to help you fall asleep) really helps with my insomnia!

  • Zoinks


    Melatonin helps me sleep tremendously. Sometimes medications haved caused me to jerk awake at night or to not be able to sleep well. I avoid this by taking my medications in the daytime and nowhere near when I go to bed. The melatonin really improves my sleep quality. It's best to start at 1mg and increase it gradually from there. You can take up to as much as 10mg safely.

  • Strawberryhk


    I smoke but it probably isn’t the best coping mechanism

  • doveandcoyote


    trying to sleep is the hardest part of the day for me - primetime for my brain to play the lowlights reel of traumatic situations. if i feel like i’m just stuck in a thoughts loop rather than processing, i put on an audiobook until i finally fall asleep. i also have spent some time intentionally arranging my room to feel as safe as possible - @dearmodern on instagram has a really accessible way of explaining how room arrangement can make us feel safe or unsafe.

  • Appleicous


    Melatonin paired with low dose seroquel helps put me to sleep in 30 minutes. I used to have terrible insomnia before and this is the only thing that puts me to sleep. Talk to your psychiatrist about it before to see if it’s an option.

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