Does anyone else struggle severely with insomnia? No matter how much melatonin I take or how many sleeping pills I take, I cannot rest. Even when I'm tired and can barely keep my eyes open, my mind will not shut off and I just lay there in this constant state of being out of it? like I'm not asleep but I'm not necessarily awake. If anyone says anything to me I immediately respond and I know what's going on? I don't feel rested, I have not slept well in over 3 weeks and I'm really starting to struggle getting through the day because of how exhausted I am. I've tried coloring apps and relaxation apps on my phone to unwind for bed, I've tried reading a book but I end up finishing the book because I won't put it down... I've tried video games, music, everything and nothing helps. I've struggled with falling asleep since middle school, but since I've gotten older and have gone through more trauma and abuse, sleep is nearly impossible. does anyone else that struggles with insomnia have any insight as to what I might do?

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  • SoSick


    Yes I have insomnia.

  • zipjar


    I was having the same issue where I couldn’t sleep due to ruminating/intrusive thoughts. A past therapist told me to tell myself “Ill think about this tomorrow at 9 AM” or whatever time instead of telling myself “I dont want to think about this”. My brain manages to postpone things, but I can’t just make everything stop at once. I also recently got on seroquel and it is seriously life changing. Ive been getting actual sleep for the first time in forever

  • luteallady


    Is there anything you can do to "tire out" your brain/body during the day? For example if I watch a mystery show or do activities that require a lot of mental load, I find it easier to sleep. I also have bad insomnia. On the days when I have too much time to think about stressors, I can't sleep.

    • MommaSavage


      my boyfriend had suggested tiring myself out that way I have to sleep but it doesn't work. I used to walk 3mi a day, exercise, deep cleaning the house, running errands, coloring or doing things to work my brain don't help either. I'll feel the exhaustion and I'll still be just as tired but I still won't be able to sleep.

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