Does anyone here have a long term journaling practice? I know journaling functions differently from person to person, and there is no right or wrong way to approach it. I’m just curious for those who do journal, how often do you write? And how long are your entries? No obligation whatsoever to share any details about the content you write about, I’d just love to hear about what drives you to keep writing.

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  • deepblubottom


    Heyy💕 I usually journal ever night as a nightly routine to help me unwind. Sometimes I journal to help with a current situation that bothers me or even make me feel grateful. Sometimes it long entire and at times it short and sweet. And if I want to get creative and push myself (not too much) I usually go to pinterset and look for Journaling prompts.

  • Librarianish


    I would love to start a journal practice. I’ve never been consistent with it

  • ceruleanstar


    I try to journal everyday, my entries vary in length but I go through a Moleskine in about 4 months, depending on how often I'm writing, if that tells you anything. I love journaling, it gets stuff out of my head and helps me understand myself. It's especially helpful when I'm having a problem, I just write through it. I write about my day, my thoughts, my obsessive overthinking, my worries, my problems, and the mundane things that happen everyday. I have 2 journals, actually, a physical one and an app on my phone called Daylio (which I love!). I definitely use the app daily to write about the basic things going on in my day and I use my actual journal to go more in depth, although some days, they both say about the same thing.

  • Tini


    Ive been journaling for 5 years now and it really helps, atleast for me it does, to see your progress and growth it really is helpful

  • Owlstoe


    I journal every day. But every day that length changes, some days it’s just a sentence checking in (maybe it’s been a rough day) and other days I have written up to 7 pages in a word document (Typically all with specific prompts I make up or find online). Usually I write a paragraph or two at a time though. I write a grateful statement every day plus how I am feeling currently, how I was feeling the night before and how I want to feel going forward. I get any intrusive thoughts out of my head and I fact check them in the journal. It is a place for my intentions and worries and experiences.

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