How do you work around your pain in every day life? Have you found any coping strategies that help more than others?

Generalized pain

Chronic Low Back Pain

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Wearing a back brace some days, CBD oil/cream for the muscle pain and spasms, stretches or foam rolling or massage to loosen tight muscles that make the pain worse, epsom salt baths, and listening to your body to not do more than you can. Ask for help when and if you can.

  • Dancingthroughshadow


    CBD, using a cane for those hard days, lots of rest when necessary, patches if they work for you, stretching, asking for help, and listening to your body.

  • Jaa


    I haven’t found much unfortunately but would like to find some coping mechanisms. I’m fortunate enough to have help around if I need it. I use a cane most days

  • alcane


    I play a lot of hockey and lift weights, and it's awful on my back injury, but CBD oil has done wonders. Vaporub or patches also help. Massaging also helps me a lot, as well as some small stretches to do in the morning to get the stiffness out a little.

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