I have had a deep brain stimulation since I was 18 years old

Parkinson’s Disease



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  • AliceInWonderlandZzz



  • Yura


    Uhm, what does this have to do with dystonia?…

    • MargauxG


      some people with dystonia have these devices that use deep brain stimulation to counteract the signals that cause symptoms

  • ParkieGirl


    DBS is a treatment for Parkinson's Disease once the meds stop being as effective. Dystonia is a common symptom with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. So over time they have found out it helps dystonia symptoms as well. I have heard many good and bad stories about the procedure and outcome.

  • Svynne


    DBS takes the remaining brain cells that produces dopamine and stimulates them to produce more dopamine DBS has a short term positive effect but shortens the life of the remaining dopamine producing brain cells. Not good

  • tnutz


    I was diagnosed in May 2013. I was 45 years old. I'm on the neupro patch, sinemet, symetrel, methocarbimol. It took years for the doctor to find the best meds for me. It's been tough. I have two intellectual

  • tnutz


    Impaired adult sons at home. One I provide 50% care for my 30 year old son.. I provide 80% care for my 26 year old. It's hard with parkinsons to be the caregiver. I still have breakthrough symptoms sometimes

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