What do you do when your at work and your pain is getting worse. Do you stick it out or see if you can leave early?

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  • Maggiemoo


    I used to ask if I could leave but I used to work at a restaurant so idk if that had something to do with it

  • InhumaneKitten


    I stick it out. With chronic pain, it just keeps coming back, so where does one draw the line? I'm going to hurt a lot regardless, so I might as well get paid while I'm suffering. I take acetaminophen and try to limit movement, and then take it easy when I get home.

  • Maggiemoo


    You should go to a doctor and get prescribed medication I get bad migraines and no over the counter medications works

  • Maggiemoo


    Or you could use CBD gummies and stuff cause that helps me

  • ddog


    stick it out. you can sit on your couch in pain for a few hours or you can work and get paid for a few hours. at the end of the day your pain will never go away. I like to pretend like i’m not hurting and continue my day until i get home

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