I’ve been taking levothyroxine daily since my full thyroidectomy in 2009. I’ve developed itchy sores on my lower legs over the past few years. Could it be a side effect of the meds?

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  • Neverleftbehind


    Hhhmmm time for research

  • PeggyJean


    1974 for me. I have not experienced sores. Itchy, yes, though random areas. I do experience very low , brain stem headaches especially if I miss a dose and dry mouth daily.

  • MeNeNa


    I been taking Levothyroxine for 3 years and I have no side effects to the medication.

    • PeggyJean


      I'm 40+ yrs. taking Levothyroxine 150.... Possibly long term use responsible for my side effects...?

      • Armi


        I take .100 mg since 2007

  • Sloupysue


    I’ve been on that med for 40 years. I am 63. I have no probs with the med at all. At one point in my life I did have it hey sores on my ankles and shins. Turns out it was the body soap I used.

  • Mustafa


    Yes I’ve experienced itchy sores on my legs but it eventually went away! I’ve been taking Levothyroxine 20 years now.

  • AngelII


    I’ve met noticed any side effects. Interesting

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