If you take meds for your anxiety, what do you take, and how effective is it? I’m looking into asking my Psychiatrist about getting some for that, as well as my insomnia.

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  • BobateaMaster19


    I take adderal, buspar, Lorazepam, vyvance, and duluxtine, ziprasadone. The adderal gives me energy and makes me feel more awake and focused, so less focused on my anxiety. The buspar has helped tremendously on my journey and I’m taking 60mg a day, it’s been really good for reducing my anxiety. Lorazepam is literally what they use at doctors if you’re so panicked you can’t calm down, they’ll most likely give you some of it to calm you down from you panicked state, I take it in a small dosage in the afternoon. I’ve had it as a shot and I calmed down within 5 minutes of it getting into my bloodstream (but it was most likely stronger than my current dosage) vyance has helped tremendously with my grades in school, focus, concentration, memory and performance. It helps me wake up in the morning. Duluxtine helps with anxiety not as much as buspar but it can help with other things like my depression. Ziprasadone helps me keep my emotions in check, if I’m not taking it, I start to get really irritated and angry with people around me. Not taking it leads to Lower patience, more sensitive to triggering topics.. hope this helped! This is just my personal experience with these meds.

  • Javen


    I took paroxetine (paxal) for insomnia/ anxiety and it worked super well. Those meds mixed with self care helped me so much!

  • pvnkg1rl75


    I take Xanax for panic attacks, Cymbalta for depression, and several other meds...but those are the anxiety/depression ones.

  • Lightning


    I take Wellbutrin for my anxiety, panic disorder, depression, and adhd. It’s only somewhat helpful. I have insomnia as well and it makes it even worse sometimes, if I take it too late. But if you take it at least 8 hours before you go to bed I don’t think it will do that. When it comes to insomnia unfortunately, I haven’t found anything that works.

    • pvnkg1rl75


      try some delta 8 at bedtime.

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