I have been super depressed for the past few months and don’t think my medication is working. My gf is saying to research esketamine, has anyone had experience with this?



Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Snowy


    I believe it's just another antidepressant. A slight chemical variation of ketamine, the powerful narcotic. I've heard of people having success with it, but I personally don't have any experience. My recommendation always with treating depression or anxiety is to try to address it as much as possible outside of medication and use the meds to make those coping strategies accessible. For me with my anxiety, I take buspirone 3 times a day. It doesn't take away my anxiety completely, but it brings it down to the point where I can use my coping skills that I've learned in therapy and developed on my own. Doing other things like doing the opposite of your emotion action urges (DBT strategy, well worth looking up and trying), exercise, good diet, etc. can help in the meantime. Best of luck!!

  • Summersolstice


    Super difficult to get approved to take and not covered by insurance. They only prescribe as a last ditch effort. I just went through 8 ECT treatments and am going to keep fighting to try it!

  • jerrielyn


    my insurance approved it right away but the closest provider is 3 hours away

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