i was recently diagnosed with PTSD. and im just really confused on everything. i also have bipolar so im in a weird situation. anyone have any coping mechanisms to help

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • OuchiePrincess


    I find stimming can be helpful during other behaviors or episodes that are less desirable. A little piece of paper to fidget with, a fidget toy, a pen and paper, holding a stone in my pocket, anything that can bring back your sensory awareness to the present. A stuffed animal, your favorite song, a familiar smell, rainbow meditation (try to find something of every color in the room). There’s an app called Finch, that’s for cultivating self-care that is super cute and helpful. I recommend therapy to everyone. It’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a really good resource for learning coping mechanisms. Try to be nice to yourself while you’re healing! You’re doing very hard work!

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