my anxiety stems from insecurity. I'm extremely insecure I think everyone is judging me constantly. I can think of someone I think is cool or funny or just someone who might be better than me in someway and it will be impossible for me to get over it. once I've established that there are people out there that are better than me in some way I feel ashamed of myself and it's like my brain shuts down. I'm unable to think of anything creative or constructive because I'm convinced every thought I have is worthless and stupid.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Lady6ug


    I feel this bud. You're not alone. Thought for me it's not normally that I think that others are better than me, I just think that I'm not good enough and other people are normal. And as for the crearivity thing...I mean, we are our own worst critics. But idea is worthless, there is something out there for everyone, you have no idea what people will be drawn to. And even if you make or do something and it doesn't take off, it doesn't mean that it's bad it just means you didn't have the right audience. Or it's a learning experience, the idea might be good bur you're just not practiced in the execution, there's nothing wrong with that either. It's a learning experience then.

  • Christiney


    Well it's not true that you're worthless and stupid. It's something you feel but you have to do affirmations to help your mind. Because you're just as valuable as they are. Infact, you have to be way more valuable to yourself, to believe that you are more valuable, because you must be or else then what you believe, you make real and it isn't. That's why I'm a Christian bc the world teaches us the wrong ideas and from being a Christian, I learn to value my worth more and more.

  • Porcelain


    If there is something you can do, like some skill such as dancing that you put value to and you can achieve then aim for that. Building more self confidence and self worth will be your best bet in my opinion.

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