So my Husband and I got into an argument this morning, we moved on. however after i told him he needs to be nicer to me he said i do to. He proceeded to tell me a bunch of things i need to work on. I just feel beat up a little bit, idk maybe i’m just behind immature or too sensitive but i just feel like nothing i do is right. Or I can never be the one to say hey you need to work on this. I’m trying and he said i got better with one thing but i’m just feeling hopeless and like a bad Wife.


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  • David1212


    You don't have to feel like you're a bad wife. In a relationship between people, it makes sense that there'll be things that you will not agree on or that one of the parties will feel that the other party needs to work on. The whole purpose of a relationship is to try and bridge these gaps. Do you think telling him he has things to improve made him think he's a bad husband? I doubt it, so there's no reason for you to think so either. If you still feel that you need to talk to someone besides him, what helped me the most was to talk to friends and consult with them or even talk to a professional.

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