my therapist gave me the go out and try new things talk. i have such a bad mentality cus i dont wanna do this. i dont want to go out and excercise or try new things or talk to people or sign up for classes. i just know i like living in the suburbs and smoking weed. im so negative right now. i dont want to try new things alone. i dont have the patience to go on this walk and i wanted to cut it short. i dont want to do any of it. he told me id be missing out if im sitting home alone doing nothing. but this suckssss. man realizing how negative i am made me realize how negative a friend i used to be. but i guess i still. im just realizing now how negative a person i am. and when i try to do healthy things i judge myself and consider myself boring af. my mental health was destroyed my life went to hell. and now that im here. in a somewhat better place. getting help, therapy, medication, weed, school break, family time, better healthier shows to watch. listeninf to preaching sermons and i feel dumb and boring. i dont have the energy to go on walks which is why i sleep. it might be the medication making me tired

Acute Anxiety

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