wish id made friends when it mattered. now nothing matters at all. it sucks it sucks that im here. im lying in bed because when i get up too much reality is blown in my face. a quiet lonely home is not where i want to be its not what i want to live in. i dont like seeing it. i used to hide in people but that made me realize that i was dwelling in the past. i hate everything. i hate how scared i was of everyone. i dont know what to do anymore i dont know what i want to do anymore. its hard. i hate how blind ive been i wish id made changes sooner. what do i do now?


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  • Blank.Ellio


    Old friends can always be there for you, just spend five minutes a day reconnecting. Same with family. Don't put too much pressure on it but also know this is something you have to do to feel better. Also there are many friend finding apps you could use that are based on your location. Instead of staying in the house all day, my therapist always says going on walks will help you. Or you could go to the store and be very nice to the workers to get that interaction going. This is helpful because it isn't a full conversation or friendship. If energy and depression is the problem, stepping stones are the best solution

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