I'm told that I make people happy but it doesn't feel like me, it doesn't feel like I'm that type of person. What's going on?


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  • clover99


    That's a great thing! Making others happy keeps people around you! And it will usually bring you joy too. Try to do it on purpose sometime, it'll be even nicer! The best way to make yourself happy is to give to others.

  • pumpy


    Maybe it's imposter syndrome? Or you just have such low self esteem you believe lesser things about yourself when in reality you're better than you think? Or it could be due to lack of self awareness.

  • Xavier


    Thank you, I'll research more about that.

  • Rodrigo


    I have a similar issue at work. Coworkers and bosses commend me constantly for my work, yet I always feel like I'm constantly making mistakes and being bad at my job. I think it's more of a thing where your mind focuses only on the bad times and filters out the good. Not sure. I just try really hard to take it to heart when people say nice things, and remember it when I put myself down!

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