I haven't done a lot of research yet but I am curious to know if anyone has done or thought about doing the Fecal Transplant for their IBS? I'm really considering asking my docs because I keep getting denied for higher treatment for my mental health (depression, anxiety and ARFID), all of which play a HUGE role in my IBS. Just grasping at straws at this point... I'm kind of stuck on what to do next..

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • HappyBelly


    I have done an FMT and it made me infinitely worse off. I would not recommend it to anyone. However I have SIBO which is what doctors have explained why my reaction was so terrible. I advise you to be VERY CAREFUL with FMT. I’d do anything to go back and not do that

    • Cookiee


      oh no I'm so sorry to hear it didn't work. That's so saddening. I appreciate the advice so much.

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