Has anyone experienced a manic episode?

I was diagnosed by a psychologist for depression and mania (so essentially the two components for Bipolar Disorder), as well as social anxiety.

But I went to a psychiatrist who, in my opinion, dismissed the idea that I was bipolar because I didn’t get arrested or in horrible debts. (I went to psychiatrist because I didn’t feel as though I wasn’t improving and that my mental health was a roadblock that couldn’t be moved)

So after a while, I conditioned myself to believing that I wasn’t bipolar but that I had depression. Except for the fact that this was around quarantine, where I had limited opportunities to spiral.

I think I’m experiencing a manic episode right now, me basically putting a bunch of things to my cart and pressing purchase like a hot button— zero regards for the consequences, not sleeping even with my sleeping medication, not eating a lot (which is very uncharacteristic of me). My other instants mania weren’t as notable or as severe as this one, I believe.

I’m asking this because I think I’ll need to press on my doctor a little more to reconsider, but I don’t want to sound/act like a complete tool.

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  • moodybitch


    in all honesty, it sounds like you need to see a new psychiatrist all together. mania displays differently in everyone and there's a range in severity. You don't need to be sent to the hospital, arrested or be in horrible debt to have experienced mania. it can be irritability, rapid speech and thoughts, increased self esteem, decreased need for sleep (which my psychiatrist explained as getting less than 6 hours of sleep and feeling fine, if not amazing, the next day), disregard for consequences or others, and in full blown mania some can experience psychosis (this isn't all of the symptoms, just the most talked about). and then there's how much this has impacted your daily routine/life, how much it's impaired your decisions and thinking.. which helps determine the type of mania your experiencing. please don't let what that psychiatrist said stop you from getting help. you deserve to figure out what's going on and treat it. your feelings are valid ❤️ please feel free to text me sweetheart

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