Honestly, I just want to know about others experiences. I am trying to write a children's book based on being on the spectrum and how to be proud of it and I want to be as accurate as possible considering I'm high functioning and want to know more about all ends of the spectrum. I would also like to make some new friends I can relate to.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • mlamey


    I'm high functioning autistic and I like talking to everyone because I'm super friendly 😊

  • Holdmydrink


    I will not say I’m high functioning because I don’t think I am. But while I am alone a lot (personal choice, low people battery) it gives me a lot of time to perfect skills that I enjoy. It’s something I’m extremely proud of.

  • Stinkyparanoidrat


    I have a lot of sensory issues, but when you have close friends that know about your disability, I feel lucky to have people in my life that are accommodating to me and think of me before making plans. For example, my friends know I can't be around super loud music or noises, hence why they avoid taking me to restaurants or concerts or clubs. I can't afford headphones so they'll bring theirs in case I do get over stimulated or overwhelmed at social events

  • differentnotless


    Writing a children's book about autism sounds like a great way to raise awareness for the younger generation! For me I deal a lot with anxiety particularly with social things. The funny thing is, most people I know with autism are more outgoing than me and talkative. So personally, I've noticed that people with autism can be one of those two- either really outgoing or quiet like me. Like the saying goes, no two are alike.

  • Bunn3y


    This sounds like a great idea!! I am also “high functioning” (though I don’t personally like functioning labels they tend to be outdated…). I think autism is wonderful, and people tend to think of it as some big scary issue but it’s actually super cool and I wouldn’t change anything if I’m being honest. Sure it makes communication difficult, and it can be very lonely from time to time… but there are lots of other perks that make it great! I personally love the way that I (and many others) experience joy! It’s like a full body experience to be happy about something… even the tiniest things make me want to run around for hours I get so excited. Or special interests; I think this is definitely something to touch on! It’s so amazing how a lot of us can focus on one thing and become experts in it!

  • SunInAugust


    I'm also low needs....but I feel like its mislabeled sometimes. Yeah, most people wouldn't know. But there's so much internal struggle

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