Hello I have Anxiety and PTSD a survivor of Rape that resulted in a pregnancy ( his 4 now I take care of him) several Physically and sexually assaults and just general hate that now has me in fear of leaving my house alone. currently my anxiety has been through the roof and I can't sleep I see hear and feel things and I don't know what to do about it. Any advice?


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • KKnicole


    😥 I feel for you I can honestly say I went threw something similar to yours but I came to realize it was never my fault and that I needed to better myself I did it threw karate and the happy Goodman's on Pandora

  • lumi


    it's hard for me to not feel like it's my fault but at the same time I don't understand why it keeps happening I was 16 about to turn 17 in 1 day wearing sweats and a hoodie he was a coworker who was 30 married and 6 or 7 kids his oldest daughter my age and I just don't understand it I've been to several councilors and hospital visits im currently trying to get a hold of the crisis line because I don't know if I should go be seen or not

  • Achoree


    Similar situation

  • Amos_P


    Do you have meds for anxiety? Listen to music, journaling or drawing helps.

  • AnimalBoy


    I have Cptsd, all the same symptoms. I take buspirone as needed for anxiety attacks which has reduced them greatly and talk therapy helped me process things, get validation and support, and identify which triggers I can work on successfully to live functionally and which ones just need to be avoided until further notice. Trauma is an incredibly difficult thing to heal from and its important to take baby steps and give yourself credit for any progress.

  • Soskae


    I related to everything you said.

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