Lately I've honestly been feeling this horrible emptiness and loneliness. When I'm with my friends it gets even worse, with added boredom. I can't shake the feeling that they don't care about me, or that theyre not interested in my company at all. I just want new friends that actually want to talk to me. I think I just want some stimulation

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Alysida


    I feel this often too. I don't feel like my friends have fun around me, and I always have do be doing something when I'm with them. I think they're getting tired of me...

  • uhnahlmao


    i’m feeling the exact same way. i’m noticing that im isolating myself from them everyday but that makes everything so much worse. i don’t know what to do

  • Toastyfae


    It helps knowing its not just me feeling this way. If any of you want to talk, maybe new friendships will help? I'm always here

  • Stampede


    I was going through something similar a while ago and someone gave me some great advice that helped me, i don't know if it will help in your situation because i don't exactly know the relationship between you and your friends but i'll paste it here " You are loved. If you leave them, they will be baffled and hurt and sad, because they love you. Maybe see a therapist and/or try to have some "honestly" nights where you tell them about your fears - (afraid that they don't really like you, that they will leave you) - sometimes saying fears out loud to the person makes them dissipate. Sometimes people need to be told what you need from them to feel loved (if you know what that is). Processing these emotions with them might make your relationships closer. If you struggle to trust people, that can be hard, though, because relationships are built on trust. Trust means even if they don't always do the "right" thing, you assume it was by accident, not because they meant to hurt you. You give them the benefit of the doubt and assume there were good intentions. And you tell them if you've been hurt so they have a chance to fix it."

  • rainnie


    this happens to me all the time. i try to appreciate the little moments where they include me. including messaging first, asking to hang out, remembering the things i like, etc… if they show 0 signs of having interest in you, i have them come to me. if that doesnt happen, i hop on community apps and make new friends :/ its a vicious cycle. because it happens all. the. time. when ppl struggle to be around your mental illness. eventually you’ll find your crowd that love you for you. that dont view you as a burden. that show they care. i hope you find peace soon❤️

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