I'm wondering if anyone has had covid-19 with ashma I have how bad was it for you?


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  • Neapolitan


    I had covid a little under a year ago. It wasn't bad enough to go to the hospital, but it definitely felt awful. Like a really nasty chest cold. However asthma can be different for everyone. My asthma is not that severe so I'm not sure how it would affect others.

  • lavap


    i had it, it wasn’t too bad, because i used an inhaler.

  • Jesa


    I had it over two years ago and it was really rough, made it through it obviously.....but it sucked

  • Elbelle


    I ended up dropping very low in o2 and needed frequent monitoring. They also put me on steroids and antibiotics because I was really struggling

  • Lauren.h22


    Well because I was vaccinated it wasn’t that bad but I did still feel the heaviness in my chest so moving around a lot was a struggle

  • meyo.san


    It make me hard to breathe and am constantly getting panic attacks from scratch

  • Emily2


    I had it in March of 2020 and it kicked my ass. Under pre-covid standards I met hospital standards, but not covid standards. Oxygen around 91, wanted it below 90 to go to the ER. Fever around 100 for over a week, wanted it over 100.9 (my temp sits at 97 normally). Was stuck in bed for over a month. Multiple rounds of antibiotics and steroids that did very little. I still have long hauler symptoms. I’ve since been diagnosed with POTS and a bunch of autoimmune disorders I didn’t know I had before covid. I’m vaccinated now, so I would hope it wouldn’t do quite so much damage but I’m also in a much unhealthier place now. So I have no idea.

  • Butterflys


    I had covid on January 2022 and it went not that bad. I used my inhaler and it helped me alot.

  • Rayyybies


    Both me and my partner have asthma, and we both had covid at about the same time. I came out of it with just a mild increase in my symptoms but my partner had a much harder time and now takes albuterol twice a day, 4 puffs a day as a maintenance

  • Leese2


    I had Covid in Oct 21 and ended up in the hospital. Because the Delta variant tended to be worse for us asthma sufferers, I felt like I was only able to breathe with the top section of my lungs. Walking short distances to the bathroom had be gasping to take in air. I went to get the monoclonial antibodies which didn't seem to help me too much. I ended up in the hospital for five days on the Remdesivir treatment that they gave me through IV at 5 pm. They asked if I had to go on a ventilator, would I? I said no. I didn't want that to be an option right at the beginning. My pulse ox went into the mid to high 80s at time so that's one of the reasons I went to the ER. Thank God I bounced back but times like this when the pollen is high, allergies and asthma seem to be worse now. Maybe a side effect from the covid lung trauma I experienced back in October. One other annoying side effects from Covid is hair loss or shedding. That could happen 6-9 months after having covid. My hair finally feels healthier again.

  • Furball1234


    I had covid a year ago. I stayed moving, using nebulizer, in steaming hot shower and using nasal spray. it was a rough experience and def made my asthma worse for a while

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