I believe I have gastroparesis I haven't been diagnosed with it yet but I have the symptoms of it like my side hurting and a knot under my right rib as we speak I'm not able to digest my food all the way so my question is what could I take for this?


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  • 100Percent_K


    There’s a variety of medications you can try with a doctor depending on your needs. Also diet, diet is an important part of gastroparesis since we need something easier to break down

  • purplewolf


    For me, most of the meds have give awful side effects. There are very few medications specifically for gastroparesis, though there are more to treat the symptoms. I think it’s important that you get tested before anything, as there are so many gastrointestinal issues that present similarly. You want to make sure you’re treating the right thing.

  • chronicallyfab


    Definitely go get tested. Diet is the biggest change you can make, there aren’t many medications that are effective in helping gastroparesis, there are a few but they will only prescribe them if your situation is severe. Getting tested and talking to your doctor is the only way you will know what action steps you need to take next.

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