im new to this app so I dont really know how things work but ive been super depressed lately and i dont know how to ever get out of this....rut. I have zero motivation for anything and im always exhasted even with 9+ hours of sleep. no matter what indo i cant seem to feel happy. like yea, theres the little tiny moments of "happiness" here and there but then the next thing i know poof its gone. can anyone help? with like suggestions, or advice? ive been thinking on going back to draeing like i used to do a lot but idk what to draw and again, zero motivation so if anyone has an idea for that, that would be great

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  • A.S.H


    When you’re super depressed, do you have a lot of negative thoughts? Or is your mood just completely down (along with the other symptoms)? Your thoughts can uncover maladaptive processes that keep you unmotivated and prevent you from maintaining those moments of happiness

    • inyourface001


      its honestly both. Sometimes its just the negative thoughts, sometimes its just feeling down, and sometimes its both.

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